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As the industry-leader, we provide high-quality, private testing conducted in CLIA-certified labs with results in 24-48 hours. Our STD testing sells itself.

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When you test with RapidSTDTesting.com, you can use any one of over 4,000 test centers that offer fast, private STD testing at your convenience. All test centers are accessible and used by most hospitals and doctors in your area. The STD tests we offer are FDA-approved and these testing centers are CLIA-certified.


What makes our Affiliate Program the most rewarding online?

RapidSTDTesting.com's Affiliate Program is one of the most beneficial programs on the internet. It gives you the opportunity to earn commissions quickly and effortlessly with the industry-leader in online STD testing. We work with the most recognizable affiliate networks in the U.S., so you can track your progress and manage your account in real time.


RapidSTDTesting.com Affiliate Requirements


At RapidSTDTesting.com, our goal is to help all affiliates increase their earnings. To do so, we have a few basic requirements that all affiliates must meet to participate in our program.

  • We allow and encourage our affiliates to link directly to our website.
  • We do not allow trademark bidding - our trademarked terms include "rapid std testing," "rapidstdtesting.com," and "rapid std."
  • We allow downloadable software partners in our program.
  • We allow and encourage incentivized partners to join our program.
  • All affiliate partners are allowed and encouraged to run email campaigns, however, all affiliates must be CAN-SPAM compliant. All email marketing campaigns must be pre-approved by the RapidSTDTesting.com Affiliate Account Manager.
  • Any unapproved email campaigns will be considered in violation of our terms and conditions.
  • Purchases made using your own affiliate link are not eligible for commissions.


RapidSTDTesting.com may suspend or terminate your membership in the affiliate program for any of the following reasons:

  • Engaging in inappropriate advertisements; this includes making false claims or using misleading hyperlinks
  • Engaging in spamming: sending mass emails, mass newsgroup postings, etc.
  • Advertising on websites that contain or promote illegal activities
  • Advertising on websites that violate intellectual property rights of other individuals or companies
  • Failure to display links and/or generate purchasing referrals to RapidSTDTesting.com
  • Trying to "cheat the system" to increase your monthly commissions

Affiliates caught violating these rules will lose their membership in the program.

Benefits of working with RapidSTDTesting.com:


  1. State-of-the-art tracking system: The finest tracking system in the industry that guarantees commission for each sale you generate with Salesforce.
  2. Continuous tracking: We offer a 45-day cookie return- as long as your consumers purchase within 45 days of visiting the site, you get paid
  3. Custom creatives: Text links, images, banner ads, coupons, etc. We are dedicated to supplying our publishers with the tools needed to promote the program.  Or create your own website!
  4. Amazing incentives: Consumers get an exclusive $10 discount on all sales

  5. We are here for you: Our dedicated Affiliate Account Manager is committed to helping you implement the program successfully
  6. Earn commisson online and by phone!
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What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. I won’t be asking you for a single dime. This is completely free. If you want to make money here is your chance.

What are the site metrics for RapidSTDTesting.com?

Commission: 20% revenue share
Average Order size: $230 
Average Publisher Commission: $46 
Online Conversion rate: 2%
Call Conversion rate: 30% 

We won’t send you spam.